• Classic French-Style Potato Salad

    by Audrey

    No mayo, fresh herbs and zippy add-ons are what make a Classic French-Style Potato Salad a Summer favorite! In comparison to its American counterpart, almost always thickly dressed with mayonnaise, the French-style potato salad relies on a lively vinaigrette dressing to create a more elegant and lighter version of this staple. The small potatoes are tossed warm in an herby and tangy mix of Dijon mustard, grainy mustard, olive oil and red wine vinegar, then spiked with cornichons, shallots and fresh dill. This is a quick, easy and guaranteed crowd-pleaser…

  • Roasted Chicken with Dijon Herb Butter

    by Audrey

    Who doesn’t love a perfectly roasted chicken, with juicy flavorful meat and crispy skin? One of the simplest and most delicious dinners, a roasted chicken sure is a crowd-pleaser. Now add slabs of tangy Dijon herb butter to the mix, and you’ll have yourself an unforgettable meal.

  • Beer and Cheddar Welsh from Hauts-de-France

    by Audrey

    Behold this winter-perfect dish: A scrumptious Beer and Cheddar Welsh, just like they make in Northern French brasseries. Now, you might have already heard of the Welsh Rarebit – a typical specialty from Wales – that is a combination of toasted bread and melted cheese. But did you know that this is insanely popular in the north of France too? This popular French dish hails from the Hauts-de-France, where they simply call it “Le Welsh”, and it is just a bit different than the actual Welsh version (and a bit more…

  • Kasha Green Bean Potato Salad

    by Audrey

    Like most French people, I have an extreme fondness for mustards. And although the Classic Dijon Mustard is one of my favourites, I think my number one has to be the grainy Old-Style Mustard – known in French as “Moutarde à l’ancienne”. Its delicate sweetness and gritty texture makes it a condiment so unique, that I often think you don’t need anything else with it to make a dish shine. It is particularly true in this Kasha Green Bean Potato Salad,  where I think a tablespoon or two of the…

  • Sauce Gribiche on Crisp Asparagus

    by Audrey

    With the arrival of an early Spring, I’m getting excited about asparagus! And for me, freshly crisp asparagus calls for a Sauce Gribiche. A great classic of French Cuisine, the Gribiche is a flavorsome mayonnaise-style sauce packed with capers, cornichons and fresh herbs. And while still today an utter classic, it is one of those concoctions that’s still hard to put a label on … Is it a sauce? A mayonnaise? A dip? A condiment? A relish? I like to think it can be any of them! (I mean, is…

  • Dark Chocolate Honey Mustard Tart

    by Audrey

    Who knew that dark chocolate and honey mustard were a match made in heaven? The addition of honey mustard to this dark chocolate tart (in both the crust and the filling) brings out the sweetness of it all, in a very surprising, but elegant way. Best of all, it’s truly addictive!

  • Tomato Trio and Dijon Mustard Tart

    by Audrey

    This Tomato Trio and Dijon Mustard Tart is effortlessly delicious, and a true ode to fresh, juicy, sun-ripe tomatoes. A favorite late-summer French classic! As I was saying on my last Instagram post, this Tomato Trio and Dijon Mustard Tart was one the first savory dishes I ever learned to make, as a child in France (and I am sure this is the case for a lot of French kids). Since then, it remained as one of my favorite summer tarts to create. When late summer peaks and tomatoes are…

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