• For any lover of French cooking, whether you are a beginner or connoisseur, building a French cookbook library can be your key to increasing skills and having a reliable source of cooking inspiration and knowledge on hand– even in the era of Pinterest and food blogs.

  • “Rustic French Cooking Made Easy” is out!

    by Audrey

    After more than a year of planning, writing, photographing and recipe testing, my debut cookbook, “Rustic French Cooking Made Easy” (by Page Street Publishing) finally launches today. If you’ve already pre-ordered your copy: Thank You! And if not, you can head over to your favorite bookstore today, or shop online to purchase your own copy.  I’m so pleased to be able to share this book with you. Some of the feedback received over the past few weeks has been amazing – some of which you can read here:  Publishers Weekly review…

  • Tada! Here is the cover of my upcoming cookbook: Rustic French Cooking Made Easy.  I hope you like it! My opinion might definitely be a bit biased, but I love this cover – even more, as I know how much work went into designing it and taking the photos. It took a lot of deliberation to pick which font, colors, textures and photos were going to make it on the cover. Thankfully, my editor along with the designers and the publishing team at Page Street Publishing were a huge help.…

  • I am writing a cookbook!

    by Audrey

    Chestnuts, apples, quinces…Another bountiful season has settled in, and with it, came some exciting news: it’s official, I am working on my first cookbook!  The last few months have been utterly exciting, starting from being approached by Page Street Publishing (while I was visiting my home in France last Spring), discussing concept ideas and recipes with my editor (who is passionate about French food, and even lived a year in Normandy herself! I love that!) to finally, signing the book deal this Summer (on the same day we adopted our…

  • Double-Chocolate Mashed-Potato Brioche (GF)

    by Audrey

    If you think “brioche” is one of those intimidating French staples that you’ll never be able to make at home… think again! This double-chocolate mashed potato brioche recipe from the Wickaninnish Cookbook is a quick and nifty version that is deliciously creamy, chocolatey and gluten-free. And it’s just one of the many exquisite recipes you’ll find in this book …

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