• Chicken Fricassée with Shallots and Bacon

    by Audrey

    A French Chicken Fricassée is the perfect combination of simplicity and comfort. This French classic featuring chicken seared in butter and then braised in white wine, likely knows as many variations as there are grandmothers in France – and for good reason. It is a simple single-pot recipe that uses humble ingredients, comes together easily and is very versatile. With shallots and bacon, this version of a Chicken Fricassée is deliciously sweet, salty, and full of comfort.

  • Chicken in Creamy Mushroom Sauce (Poulet à la Forestière)

    by Audrey

    Known in French as “Poulet à la forestière”, this dish of chicken nestled in a creamy mushroom sauce is an Autumn staple in French kitchens. Chicken pieces are pan-fried, braised in white wine and finally garnished with a creamy “Forestière sauce” – a typical French sauce of mushrooms and crème fraiche. This is an easy recipe that is cozy and incredibly flavorful. 

  • Chicken, fresh tarragon, cream and white wine are no strangers to a French kitchen – and they all come together wonderfully in this classic French-bistro fare. This creamy French Chicken Tarragon, known as “Poulet à l’Estragon”, is a simple one-pan recipe that’s both comforting and fresh tasting. Chicken thighs are first browned and braised in white wine for tenderness. Cream is then added for extra richness. But it’s really fresh tarragon, a staple herb in French cooking with assertive aniseed-like notes, that gives the distinctive flavor to this unique dish. 

  • If you can’t go to Provence, Provence can still come to you! With bold sun-kissed flavors, this classic Chicken Provençal is an uncomplicated recipe reminiscing of warm summers in the South of France. It features wine-braised crispy-skinned chicken with loads of melty garlic and shallots, briny bites of green olives, tender artichoke hearts and sweet cherry tomatoes – all showered under fragrant Herbes de Provence.

  • Coq Au Vin Blanc

    by Audrey

    Quintessentially French, Coq au Vin (literally “rooster in wine”) is a mastodon of our cooking repertoire. Made from a whole chicken cut in 8 pieces, with bacon, mushrooms and carrots, it is traditionally cooked using red wine resulting in a purple-ish sauce. But its “Blanc” version, using dry white wine, is lighter, with brighter flavors and is just a little bit more elegant, if you ask me. 

  • Clementine Roast Chicken with Fennel and Honey

    by Audrey

    This Clementine Roast Chicken with Fennel and Honey is a lovely Winter dish that is light and zesty, but very comforting as well. This is a simple sheet-pan dinner recipe that comes together effortlessly and makes the best of two seasonal ingredients – citrus and fennel – paired with succulent roasted chicken leg quarters. A winning trio all the way.   The perfect marriage of Citrus and Fennel, inspired by two Classic-French Recipes. The inspiration from this Clementine Roast Chicken dish came at the cross-point between two Classic-French recipes. First,…

  • Braised Chicken Thighs with Garlic and Onion

    by Audrey

    Wine-braised chicken has to be one of the most beloved comfort foods in France – with probably as many variations as grandmothers in the country. The concept of browning meat in a bit of oil, and then cooking it in liquid (ie. wine) always makes for incredible flavors, and meat that is fork-tender. And if you ask me, I find braised meat slightly more sophisticated than stews, yet just as comforting. In this favorite braised recipe of mine, onions and loads of garlic are caramelized in butter, and plump chicken…

  • Bacon-wrapped Chicken Breasts in Grape Sauce

    by Audrey

    Autumn is on its way, and with it, the joyful grape harvest season – or “La Saison des Vendanges” as we call it in French. Running all throughout the end of August until November in France, grape harvest season is a celebratory time of the year that sees a frenzy of activity in French vineyards. Ripe grapes are harvested, and wine makers can finally measure the quality and quantity of their crops. Parallely, this season also sees fresh grapes making their way into French kitchens and in our seasonal recipes.…

  • Simple Chicken Marengo with Mushrooms

    by Audrey

    Chicken Marengo is a classic French dish named after the Battle of Marengo, a victory for Napoleon’s French troops in 1800. This saucy one-pot dish is a tasty combination of chicken braised in tomatoes with white wine and just a few seasoning – simple, yet full of flavour. The authentic recipe is garnished with fried eggs and crayfish,  but these are often omitted in modern recipes and substituted with mushrooms for a more affordable option. The Story behind the dish Legend has it, Chicken Marengo was a dish hurriedly invented…

  • Roasted Chicken with Dijon Herb Butter

    by Audrey

    Who doesn’t love a perfectly roasted chicken, with juicy flavorful meat and crispy skin? One of the simplest and most delicious dinners, a roasted chicken sure is a crowd-pleaser. Now add slabs of tangy Dijon herb butter to the mix, and you’ll have yourself an unforgettable meal.

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