• Classic French Pear Cake

    by Audrey

    This Classic French Pear Cake features tender pear chunks nestled in a light and airy crumb, flavored with almond extract. Right before baking, the cake gets dusted with sugar to create a signature crackly top. It’s super-easy to make and is just sweet enough, with a delightful more-pear-than-crumb-ratio. If you love pears, this recipe will become a staple in your repertoire. 

  • Classic French Spiced Bread (Pain d’Épices)

    by Audrey

    Rye flour, a good amount of honey and a unique spice blend are the key components of a great Classic French Spiced Bread – also known as Pain d’Épices. This cross between a cake and a bread is a holiday staple in France. It can be found on most Christmas market stalls, sold in big slabs. It is also a favorite to make amongst home bakers as it is a really simple recipe that makes the house smell wonderful. This is a perfect crowd pleaser for the Holidays.

  • Classic Chocolate Bûche de Noël

    by Audrey

    In France, a proper Christmas dinner wouldn’t be complete without a traditional Chocolate Bûche de Noël. This wooden log look-a-like cake, traditionally made of a rolled-up Génoise cake frosted with Chocolate buttercream, is part of the official conclusion to a Christmas feast. A holiday ritual no one will pass on – even with an overfilled belly. 

  • Plum Moelleux Cake

    by Audrey

    This Plum Moelleux Cake recipe was destined to be shared quickly on my Instagram… But following the success of it, I decided to share it on the blog as well, so no one misses out on the goodness! A “moelleux” is a French cake made with the simplest of ingredients and a generous amount of butter, for a melt-in-your-mouth texture. The crumb is rich and a little dense, which makes it the perfect vessel for ripe Summer fruits likes blueberries, apricots and plums. I make this recipe with apricots every Summer,…

  • Chestnut Cream Cake (Gâteau Ardéchois)

    by Audrey

    Known in French as the Gâteau Ardéchois, this Chestnut Cream Cake originates from the French Ardèche and is a Winter classic for French homebakers. Located in Southeastern France, the Ardèche is a department famous for its valleys, trails, lush forests and abundance of chestnuts. Chestnut purée, roasted chestnuts, candied chestnuts, chestnut cream… the local repertoire boasts a variety of chestnut-focused recipes, with this Chestnut Cream Cake being one of the most popular.  Made with homemade chestnut spread, this is a simple yet moist cake, with an incomparable taste and texture…

  • Orange Yogurt Cake

    by Audrey

    Just like Crêpes or the Apple Tarte Tatin, this Orange Yogurt Cake is a must-have in your baking repertoire if you are French.  It is one of the most popular cakes to bake (and eat) in the country, as it is a perfect heirloom recipe: it is simple, but it just works so well. A “Gâteau au Yaourt” is actually the first cake I ever baked. One day in primary school, our teacher brought a pack of yogurt cups and we all gathered around a table to make the simplest…

  • Chocolate Fondant Cake from La Baule

    by Audrey

    This Chocolate Fondant Cake is a delicious recipe from La Baule, and is possibly one of the most well-kept culinary secrets in France… (updated recipe – January 2019).  La Baule is a picturesque seaside resort town on the Atlantic coast, where beautiful stoned-façade villas and casinos mass along stunning sand beaches. It is a beloved weekend getaway spot for Parisians, who yearn for a slower, sun-bathed atmosphere and some fresh Atlantic air.

  • French Corn Pumpkin “Pie”

    by Audrey

    You might think of pumpkin pie as a 100% American dessert – but the French have their own version of it too! It comes in the form of a crust-less pie, made from a mix of pumpkin puree and corn flour, and is usually flavored with vanilla and rum.

  • Chocolate Vanilla Marble Cake

    by Audrey

    This Chocolate Vanilla Marble Cake is typically what we call a “Gâteau régréssif” in French – meaning it makes you feel like a kid again. Growing up in France, most kids (myself included) would often snack on hefty slices of “Savane“, an iconic French store-bought chocolate-vanilla Marble Cake. Seeing a loaf of “Savane” sitting on the kitchen table after school was simply the best!

  • Balsamic Poached Peaches and Olive Oil Cake

    by Audrey

    This post is sponsored by Oliv. All text and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands who help make Pardon your French possible. Summer desserts often call for simplicity, don’t you think? A simple cake, fresh seasonal fruits bursting with natural flavours, and maybe, one more component to add some originality. Well, today’s dessert is simply one of them – featuring juicy peaches, the simplest olive oil cake, and the use of fig-infused balsamic vinegar to create some magic. That’s all you’ll need to build this lush…

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