• Classic French Pear Cake

    by Audrey

    This Classic French Pear Cake features tender pear chunks nestled in a light and airy crumb, flavored with almond extract. Right before baking, the cake gets dusted with sugar to create a signature crackly top. It’s super-easy to make and is just sweet enough, with a delightful more-pear-than-crumb-ratio. If you love pears, this recipe will become a staple in your repertoire. 

  • Classic French Gratin Dauphinois

    by Audrey

    Potatoes, milk, cream and a touch of other ingredients. The Classic French Gratin Dauphinois is proof that French cuisine doesn’t have to be complicated and often relies on simple ingredients to create a decadent dish. In this traditional French gratin, thinly sliced potatoes are baked slowly in creamy milk until utterly tender. It is a great classic of the French culinary repertoire, and one of the most beloved dishes to make in the Winter. 

  • Apple Breton Pound Cake (Quatre-Quarts aux Pommes)

    by Audrey

    A Breton Pound Cake, known as “Quatre-Quarts” (four quarters) is the ubiquitous French snacking cake. It’s simple, not-too-sweet, just dense enough to be eaten with your hands and full of buttery flavors. This version is studded with lightly caramelized apple chunks to keep it moist and irresistible. A great year-round recipe for your baking repertoire!

  • Butter Sablés from Alsace (Butterbredele)

    by Audrey

    If there’s one French Holiday cookie recipe to have in your repertoire, this is the one. These Butter sablés from the Alsace region, known as “butterbredele”, are the most common cut-out cookies made and enjoyed over the Holidays in France. They are buttery, subtly flavored with lemon zest and satisfyingly crisp yet sandy.

  • Classic French Butter Brioche (Brioche Pur Beurre)

    by Audrey

    Nothing screams a French breakfast like a classic Brioche on the table. But not just any brioche… If you ask me, it has to be a Classic French Butter Brioche – known in French as “Brioche pur Beurre”. This French bakery staple is a soft bread that is light, pillowy and enriched with lots of butter to create a taste and texture that is uniquely rich. Unlike other French brioches that can include milk or cream to create an unctuous crumb, this brioche – as its name suggests – is…

  • Buttered Cabbage and Apple with Seared Serrano Ham

    by Audrey

    Known in French as an “Embeurrée de choux”, this Buttered Cabbage recipe is a cold-weather staple hailing from central France. The idea here is to turn shredded cabbage utterly soft and melty by cooking it in a generous amount of butter, along with onions garlic and a sprinkle of fragrant Juniper berries. It’s quick, simple and a tasty side-dish and that can easily be turned into a main with a few adds-ons… like in today’s recipe. 

  • Roasted Chicken with Dijon Herb Butter

    by Audrey

    Who doesn’t love a perfectly roasted chicken, with juicy flavorful meat and crispy skin? One of the simplest and most delicious dinners, a roasted chicken sure is a crowd-pleaser. Now add slabs of tangy Dijon herb butter to the mix, and you’ll have yourself an unforgettable meal.

  • Classic French Croissants 101 Guide

    by Audrey

    Freshly-baked, deliciously flaky and buttery classic French Croissants, made from scratch in the comfort of your own kitchen… Could there be anything better? With their thin crisp layers, light chewy crumb and complex butter notes like no other, these iconic pastries are the star of all French breakfasts and likely one of the most sought after treats in the world. Likewise, making classic French Croissants at home from scratch, has a reputation for being a lengthy and intricate process, with a few too many steps and baking skills to own.…

  • One Day Classic French Croissants

    by Audrey

    This quick version of my Classic French Croissants recipe includes a few short cuts, takes only 7 hours to make (with extended inactive period of times) and still gives billowy, flaky, buttery croissants.   In comparison to my 2-Day version or 3-Day version, these croissants are more buttery, with smaller air bubbles inside and a satisfyingly chewy crumb. A great compromise if you don’t have two or three days to create the real deal! 

  • Two Day Classic French Croissants

    by Audrey

    This two-day version of my Classic French Croissant recipe is ideal for starting in the afternoon, to have freshly baked croissants the next morning. This recipe will give you 12 of these iconic French pastries, with a great flakiness, a satisfying bubbly crumb and lovely buttery notes. In comparison to my One-Day Classic French Croissants recipe, the crumb of these 2-day croissants is more aerated and offers lovely subtle butter notes. The three-day version of this recipe has more depth in taste and texture, but if you only have two…

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