• Asparagus Goat Cheese Quiche

    by Audrey

    Asparagus season is here, and this spring-like Asparagus and Goat Cheese quiche is the perfect way to celebrate. The buttery “Pâte Brisée” crust and the eggy filling are the perfect vessel for crisp asparagus and slightly tangy and earthy goat cheese. This quiche comes together in a breeze and is a great make-ahead recipe since it is just as delicious enjoyed warm or cool.

  • Sauce Gribiche on Crisp Asparagus

    by Audrey

    With the arrival of an early Spring, I’m getting excited about asparagus! And for me, freshly crisp asparagus calls for a Sauce Gribiche. A great classic of French Cuisine, the Gribiche is a flavorsome mayonnaise-style sauce packed with capers, cornichons and fresh herbs. And while still today an utter classic, it is one of those concoctions that’s still hard to put a label on … Is it a sauce? A mayonnaise? A dip? A condiment? A relish? I like to think it can be any of them! (I mean, is…

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