• Strawberry Flaugnarde

    by Audrey

    Simplicity is often the golden rule of allowing seasonal fruits to shine – and this Strawberry Flaugnarde is the perfect example of this. Just like a Clafoutis, this classic French dessert is a custardy baked flan nestled with seasonal fruits. It’s tender and creamy in the center, with satisfyingly puffy and chewy rims. The best part: you only need a few basic baking ingredients (flour, sugar, eggs and milk) and fresh seasonal strawberries to recreate this delicious dessert in your own kitchen.

  • Bordeaux-Style Fish Gratin (Poisson à la Bordelaise)

    by Audrey

    Known in French as Poisson à la Bordelaise, this fish gratin is a French family staple. Fish fillets are topped with a mix of parsley, shallots cooked in white wine, lemon and breadcrumbs, and then baked in the oven until crunchy and golden – while the fish remains utterly tender underneath. This quick and simple recipe can be made with any white fish of your liking.

  • Crispy Duck Fat Potatoes (Pommes de Terre Sarladaises)

    by Audrey

    Known as “Pommes de Terre Sarladaises”, this side dish of potatoes cooked in duck fat is an absolute classic of south-western French cooking. It features potato slices seared in duck fat and finished with garlic and fresh parsley. It is a very simple recipe but with big flavors – thanks to the duck fat. The potatoes are tender on the inside, extra crisp on the outside and have an incomparably luscious and nutty taste.

  • Who doesn’t love a good sheet pan dinner? I know I do! I love the simplicity of tossing together some favorite ingredients and baking them in one go and one tray. This means zero time wasted in the kitchen, less cleaning up to do, and always a tasty dinner. This Sheet Pan Basque-Style Breaded Haddock fillets recipe is a spin on traditional Basque-Style fish – a popular way to prepare and enjoy fish in sunny Basque Country, a region spanning the Franco-Spanish boarder.

  • Buttered Cabbage and Apple with Seared Serrano Ham

    by Audrey

    Known in French as an “Embeurrée de choux”, this Buttered Cabbage recipe is a cold-weather staple hailing from central France. The idea here is to turn shredded cabbage utterly soft and melty by cooking it in a generous amount of butter, along with onions garlic and a sprinkle of fragrant Juniper berries. It’s quick, simple and a tasty side-dish and that can easily be turned into a main with a few adds-ons… like in today’s recipe. 

  • Poitou-Style Braised Beets with Kale

    by Audrey

    Fall is just around the corner! And after fresh, juicy vegetables all Summer long, it’s that delicious time of the year to relish in all kinds of root vegetables… and today’s recipe is all about beets! In this Fall-perfect dish, beets are braised in white wine until sweet and tender, mingled with chopped kale, goat cheese and crusty bread.  It is a simple, unfussy side-dish or light dinner, and it’s a wonderfully different way to enjoy beets.   A dish inspired by the “Betteraves à la Poitevine” The inspiration for…

  • Apricot Almond Flan (Flaugnarde)

    by Audrey

    When life gives you Apricots, make an Apricot Flaugnarde! This dessert hailing from the Limousin region, in south-central France, is a delicious variant of the Cherry Clafoutis – but made with Apricots. Resembling a large pancake, this dessert is made with seasonal stonefruits placed in a buttered dish, covered with a flan-like batter and baked until puffy. A “Clafoutis” is in fact the name given to this dessert when made with cherries, while “Flaugnarde” (also spelled Flognarde) is the name given when made with apricots, plums, peaches or apples and…

  • Classic French Cherry Clafoutis

    by Audrey

    “Clafoutis” (pronounced kla-foo-tee) is one of those funny French words that makes a dish sound so fancy, while it’s actually so simple to make. Some fresh seasonal cherries and a few basic baking ingredients (flour, sugar, eggs and milk) is all you need to create this utterly delicious dessert in your own kitchen. So if you’ve never tried to make a Cherry Clafoutis at home before, stay with me – you’ll be amazed how easy it is to prepare it!

  • I love to turn to Basque Country cuisine to bring sunshine and heat to the kitchen. This region, which straddles both Southern France and Northern Spain, embraces both country’s influences and offers a cuisine that is always vivacious and colorful. This Basque-Style risotto, known as “riz Gaxuxa” (pronounced Gachoocha) is a typical dish of Basque-country. More precisely, of the mountainous inland Basque country, with fresh and cured meats, grains and vegetables (while the coastal Basque cuisine oozes with fish and seafood). My quicker version of this traditional dish is a…

  • Basque Cake with Vanilla Cream

    by Audrey

    The Basque Cake ( in French “Gâteau Basque) is probably the most famous and traditional dessert from the Basque Region of France. Customarily prepared by women, this treat finds its origin back in the 19th century, and was only enjoyed on special occasions and during Sunday family gatherings. Pastry Chef Marianne Hirigoyen, from Cambo-Les-Bains, was the first to sell and introduce the Basque Cake at the Bayonne Market, making it become a popular dessert in France. Funny enough, it didn’t take much longer before the cake became famous in America…

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