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  • Butter Sablés from Alsace (Butterbredele)

    by Audrey

    If there’s one French Holiday cookie recipe to have in your repertoire, this is the one. These Butter sablés from the Alsace region, known as “butterbredele”, are the most common cut-out cookies made and enjoyed over the Holidays in France. They are buttery, subtly flavored with lemon zest and satisfyingly crisp yet sandy.

  • Holiday baking season has officially started! So let’s make a delicious batch of Linzele cookies (also known as “Boules de Linz”). These little Holiday treats are a specialty from Alsace, France – a region that has an extensive repertoire of Holiday cookies.

  • Known in French as “croquants”, these little twice-baked cookies may remind you of the Italian biscotti, but I promise they are French through and through. They are very popular in the South of France, and especially in Provence, where almonds grow abundantly. Just like biscotti, they are quick and easy to assemble, cut cross-ways and twice baked for an incomparable crispness. And they are very hard to stop at one!

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies with Fleur de Sel

    by Audrey

    We all need a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe in our baking repertoire – and this is mine. These Chocolate Chip Cookies with Fleur de Sel are chewy on the inside, crispy on the outside, rich and buttery, and full of chocolate chips. They are sprinkled generously with Fleur de Sel before baking to make all the flavors pop and give them an incomparable taste. 

  • Putting a Breton twist on Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies! Today’s recipe revisits the American classic recipe of Chocolate Chip cookies, with the use of buckwheat flour and sea salt – two staple ingredients from my home region Brittany. Buckwheat flour gives earthy and nutty flavors to these chewy cookies, boosted with sea salt that is used both inside the dough and sprinkled over top. If you think chocolate chip cookies couldn’t get any better – just wait, and try! 

  • Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove, candied citrus peels, honey, almonds, kirsch liquor… if you like all kind of Holidays spices and fixings, you’re in for a treat! These popular Leckerli cookies embrace all the flavors of the Holidays in a delicious tiny format. “Leckerli” means “little treat” and that’s exactly what they are: sticky, chewy yet crisp edged, and so fragrant from all the spices.

  • Lavender Sablé Cookies

    by Audrey

    Floral, zesty, buttery. These Lavender Sablé Cookies are the perfect little Summer treat. They are very popular in Provence, in the South of France, a region known for its abundance of lavender fields and lavender-forward cooking repertoire. But first, if you’re unaware, Sablés are the king of French cookies. Their name refers to their sandy (sablé) texture, which is achieved by a fair amount of butter. I like to think of them as the French’s answer to shortbread, only a bit thinner and richer in taste. They come in so…

  • Known in French as Lunettes de Romans, these Raspberry Jam Filled Sablé Sandwiches are delicious cookies hailing from the little town of Romans-sur-Isère, in South Eastern France. Made from two layers of “pate sablée” and a jammy filling, they are the perfect mix of buttery/tangy and crisp/tender.

  • Breton Salted Butter Sablés

    by Audrey

    If there’s one cookie that defined my childhood, it is undoubtedly this one: the Breton Salted Butter Sablé, also known in French as the Galette Bretonne. It is a crisp, “sandy” cookie made with the simplest of ingredients: flour, sugar, eggs and a lot of butter enriched with sea salt flakes. It can be found in all bakeries across Brittany, and lots of natives like myself will tell you it is their absolute favorite. Simply put: it boasts the perfect combination of sweet and salty flavors, finished with a generous…

  • White wine in a biscuit? Oh, oui! These rustic-looking White Wine Almond Canistrelli biscuits are a local specialty hailing from L’Île de Beauté: the sun-kissed Island of Corsica. Naturally vegan, delicately crunchy and best eaten after being dunked in coffee (or wine!).

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