• Smoked Ham Hock Bean Cabbage Soup (Garbure)

    by Audrey

    The Garbure is a rustic soup from the Gascony region consisting of smoked ham hock, beans, cabbage and seasonal vegetables slowly stewed. It’s rich, full of smokey flavor and intentionally thick: it’s said a Garbure is ready when the ladle can stand upright in the pot. This robust soup is a great classic of French mountain cooking and best enjoyed on a blistery Winter day.

  • Classic French Lentil Soup

    by Audrey

    A warm, cozy yet healthy-ish meal is what we often yearn for during the colder seasons – and this French Lentil Soup is just that. Made with heaps of lentils, carrots, celery, ham and spices for good measure, this soup is a simple recipe that delivers big flavors. It’s hearty, filling and with a texture that is both creamy and chunky. This is a delicious staple for a weekday dinner to cozy up to.  

  • This Creamy Leek and Potato Soup, known in French as Soupe Vichyssoise (or sometimes “Potage Parmentier) is made of puréed leeks and potatoes, enriched with cream. This is a simple soup that’s absolutely comforting when enjoyed warm on a chilly day. But I love that you can also enjoy it chilled. It makes for a perfectly refreshing bowl during warmer days too.

  • Creamy Dandelion Bread Soup

    by Audrey

    You may be familiar with dandelion as a rampant weed that invades your backyard every Spring, but did you know they’re in fact packed with nutrients and make a great leafy green to feast on? In France, dandelions bloom from April to June, and the leaves are widely enjoyed in salads, quiches and soups – revered for their health benefits and singular bittery taste. So when Spring comes in Canada, I have kept the habit of grabbing bunches of these big jagged-edged leaves. This Dandelion Bread Soup makes great use…

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