• “Artichauts Vinaigrette” is likely the simplest, yet most delicious way to enjoy globe artichokes: simply boiled and eaten leaf after leaf dipped in a tangy vinaigrette. This staple starter is a French favorite, especially in my home region of Brittany where artichokes are plentiful. This is a classic recipe that is quick, easy and fun to eat too, as you work your way to the tender heart of the artichoke.

  • Classic French Gratin Dauphinois

    by Audrey

    Potatoes, milk, cream and a touch of other ingredients. The Classic French Gratin Dauphinois is proof that French cuisine doesn’t have to be complicated and often relies on simple ingredients to create a decadent dish. In this traditional French gratin, thinly sliced potatoes are baked slowly in creamy milk until utterly tender. It is a great classic of the French culinary repertoire, and one of the most beloved dishes to make in the Winter. 

  • Crispy Duck Fat Potatoes (Pommes de Terre Sarladaises)

    by Audrey

    Known as “Pommes de Terre Sarladaises”, this side dish of potatoes cooked in duck fat is an absolute classic of south-western French cooking. It features potato slices seared in duck fat and finished with garlic and fresh parsley. It is a very simple recipe but with big flavors – thanks to the duck fat. The potatoes are tender on the inside, extra crisp on the outside and have an incomparably luscious and nutty taste.

  • Provençal Eggplant Tomato Gratin

    by Audrey

    It’s eggplant season, and that means this Provencal Eggplant Gratin is on repeat in my kitchen. This typical Southern French recipe includes tender slices of eggplants baked in-between layers of  tomato sauce, spiked with Herbs de Provence and loads of Parmesan cheese. This is a fuss-free recipe that makes a great side or a perfect vegetarian dinner.

  • Classic French-Style Potato Salad

    by Audrey

    No mayo, fresh herbs and zippy add-ons are what make a Classic French-Style Potato Salad a Summer favorite! In comparison to its American counterpart, almost always thickly dressed with mayonnaise, the French-style potato salad relies on a lively vinaigrette dressing to create a more elegant and lighter version of this staple. The small potatoes are tossed warm in an herby and tangy mix of Dijon mustard, grainy mustard, olive oil and red wine vinegar, then spiked with cornichons, shallots and fresh dill. This is a quick, easy and guaranteed crowd-pleaser…

  • A typical recipe from Provence, these Classic “Tomates Farcies” are the perfect addition to any Summer table. This unfussy recipe of ripe tomatoes, carved and filled with a stuffing of ground meat, herbs, bread and cheese is a staple dish in any French household – and a personal childhood favorite of mine. Naturally, this dish is best made at the peak of tomato season, when they are juicy, sweet and full of flavor.

  • Known in French as a “Chou-fleur Mimosa”, this Whole Cauliflower with Crumbled Egg Vinaigrette is as easy to make as it looks impressive, and is such a fun way to enjoy cauliflower – other than in a gratin. This recipe packs on layers of flavors! The cauliflower head is poached until tender, topped with a tangy shallot vinaigrette, parsley and lastly some crumbled hard-boiled eggs (know as “mimosa” in France – nothing to do with the brunch cocktail!).  

  • Spring time is a perfect moment to indulge in leeks with Dijon Shallot Vinaigrette, known in French as “Poireaux vinaigrette”. This cold starter of tender poached leeks served with a tangy vinaigrette dressing is a timeless French classic. And for good reason—it is a delicious, affordable, and uncomplicated starter to make at home. It also gives these seasonal vegetables often thought of as a supporting player, a well-deserved moment to shine.

  • Swiss Chard Pancakes (Farçous)

    by Audrey

    These succulent Swiss Chard Pancakes are known in French as “Farçous”. They hail from Aveyron, a lesser-known region in Occitanie, in South-Central France. Sparsely populated and left mostly unspoiled with wild pastures and picturesque hamlets, Aveyron is often refered to as “La France Profonde” (the deep France). But its cuisine is anything but ho-hum, with many local specialties being staples all throughout Southern France, including the world-famous Pommes Aligot, Gâteau à la Broche and these little Farçous.    

  • Sweet Pea Ham Quiche

    by Audrey

    Quiche is always a good idea. The savory custard-filled deep-dish French tart is classic, versatile and a welcome addition to any table – be it lunch, dinner or brunch. I think a basic quiche recipe is a must-have in your cooking repertoire. And this is where I come in today with one my favorite versions – a Sweet Pea and Ham Quiche.

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